Corrugated plastic is a material which is similar to cardboard, only instead of paper, it is made of polypropylene. This material can be processed in a similar way, so that we can make practically all kinds of boxes from this material instead of conventional cardboard.

Packaging made of corrugated plastic is more durable than cardboard and above all, resistant to moisture. These properties make it perfect for manufacturing reusable packaging, such as cases for transporting tools, electronics, etc..

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We can also add the right foam filling to the packaging, so that it becomes even more convenient for transporting goods in everyday work.

Corrugated plastic offers additional benefits, such as aesthetic appearance and the availability of various colours as well as the lack of dusting. Such packaging can be successfully used in areas where dust is a major issue, such as the medical industry or electronic components.

If you are interested in our offer regarding this kind of packaging, please let us know by sending an enquiry..