Fixing packaging Fix-Box is ideal for protection of valuable and fragile items in transport. The film in the packaging keeps the product in one position and the appropriate box form ensures additional fixing of the product.

Unique film!

It is very flexible, durable and extremely resistant to tearing.


High quality cardboard!

It guarantees a good protection from the rupture and crushing of the box.


Universality! – various products – one packaging

Packages are easy to assemble and do not require any additional security or fillings. Due to this solution you can have one packaging for various products with different sizes and shapes.
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Main benefits of the fixing packaging Fix-Box:

  • The film is ideally adapted to the product.
  • Products are well protected from the movement during transport.
  • Packages are simple and quick to use.
  • They do not require any additional filling of free spaces.
  • They amortize the product during the fall.
  • They are universal.
  • They look good.

Fixing packaging Fix-Box (one-piece)

The easiest and fastest way to secure your product for shipment by courier. The packaging consists of one element, folds automatically and stabilizes the product. You don’t have to worry about bags with fillers, expensive equipment for blowing bags or additional security of products.

This solution saves time, space in the warehouse and simplifies the work of people packing products.
Boxes can be recycled completely because they consist exclusively of paper and polyethylene film.


  • shipping electronics – mobile phones, tablets, cameras
  • shipping car parts
  • shipping all customer-specific products for which it is difficult to find standard solutions

Fixing packaging Fix-Box (two-piece: insert + external carton)

The next solution is the cardboard insert Fix-Box. The idea of the insert is to secure larger items. It keeps the product in fixed position and secures amortization of the product.

The external carton is necessary for the packaging.  The advantage of this solution is aesthetic look of the packed product and universality (the packaging adapts to the packed product). The other advantage are low storage costs due to small packaging size.


  • packing laptops
  • packing electronics
  • packing metal parts
  • packing porcelain and glass products