These tubes look very impressively and are well suited for a number of applications.

  • First of all, they may be used for winding various materials, e.g. tapes, fibres, papers, cables, foil, labels, etc.
  • They may also be used for packing of: calendars, posters, flyers, maps, carpets, corporate materials, etc.
  • These tubes have also been successfully used as a structural element, for example as a part of advertising stands.

Due to the hardness of the cardboard, they can be used for storage of fragile and large items, such as empty or full bottles (expensive alcoholic beverages), ceramics and many others.

We can make short and thick tubes for you, or quite the opposite long and thin ones. It all depends on your needs.

Our product portfolio includes the following types of tubes:

  • straight-rolled
  • spiral-rolled
  • with various cover layers
  • with lids closing both ends of the tube


  • inner diameter: from 17 to 400 mm
  • wall thickness: from 1 to 20 mm
  • length: up to 6000 mm