Cardboard corner pieces, also called cardboard protectors, are perfect for protecting products during transport on pallets.

This is a great solution for companies that care about quality and safety of their products during transport.

These elements, in addition to stretch film and fastening straps, are an additional and important method of protecting against sliding of individual layers of cargo.

Cardboard corner pieces protect the corners from crushing and stabilise the entire package.

For manufacturing corner pieces we use solid cardboard and ecological adhesives. Owing to our innovative solutions we are able to adapt the dimensions of the corner pieces to fit perfectly to the characteristics of the product and individual requirements of the customer.

Our product portfolio includes the following types of cardboard corner pieces:

  •  equilateral
  • non-equilateral
  • bent
  • notched
  • self-adhesive
  • coated with materials with improved moisture resistance
  • with any imprint requested by the customer


  • side width: from 25 to 100 mm
  • wall thickness: from 1,5 to 10 mm
  • lenght: up to 6000 mm